Street art and its impact on society


It’s also interesting to briefly highlight some of the impacts street art has on society. The mere act of creating street art already has an effect on the world we live in. It challenges the authorities, as street art is often illegal, and the mainstream status quo. Even if the work of art itself conveys a positive message, it’s still inherently politically charged because the work is made to protest the privatization of the public environment. In contrast to traditional art, which can stimulate us to think about the world, street art takes it one step further by actually inserting the art into the ordinary world. It might seem very obvious but it’s worth mentioning that by placing works of art in the street, street art changes the streets we live in. Street art literally changes our world (Bacharch, 2015). And as street art breathes life into walls, it stimulates conversation among communities. Passersby are forced to reflect on what they see and become aware of their surroundings. In this way, street art is a powerful tool for inspiring, energizing, generating morale and raising the spirits of the public. As a voice for engagement, street art may even lead to activism and in turn might have political power (Gleaton, 2012).

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